Are there any additional applications to establish a new account?

Depending on the type of account that is being opened, additional applications may be required. Should you need assistance in determining which forms may be required, or where to obtain them, you may contact the Ocean Park Help Desk directly by calling 1-800-729-1467.

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Where should I send my completed application?

Please return all completed applications and initial deposits to:

Ocean Park Asset Management, Inc.
Attn: Operations
3420 Ocean Park Boulevard, Suite 3060
Santa Monica, CA 90405

REMINDER: To help prevent fraud, DO NOT EMAIL forms containing Social Security or Account Numbers unless the document(s) are secured. Please send by Fax or Mail.

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What are Ocean Park Fees and Breakpoints?

Ocean Park’s tiered fee schedule is based on the total household account value and is non-negotiable. The Ocean Park investment management fee covers custodial fees and most transaction expenses. At the client’s request, the Financial Advisor will provide details about specific account expenses.

Ocean Park Asset Management charges 2.40%, per year, split 50/50 between the Investment Advisor and Ocean Park. Fees are debited quarterly in advance from the account(s) specified by the client, and apply to all account holdings including money market and interest-bearing account allocations. Fees are lower for households with over $500,000 under management.

* For Ocean Park's Conservative Allocation Program clients are directly billed. Reflected fees are 2.4% per year through 2007, 1.95% from 2008 to 2012, 2.03% thereafter. These reductions reflect offsets to compensate for the expenses of positions held in the Sierra Mutual Funds, which are managed by an affiliate of Ocean Park.

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